Comfort food Spotlight: Chicken Alfredo

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Hello everyone! I’d like to welcome you back to TrueGrub for my latest recipe: Chicken Alfredo! Most of my experience with cooking is related to American cuisine, but I actually worked for a number of years at an Italian restaurant, and this allowed me to pick up some tips and tricks on cooking Italian dishes.

I love the core foundation of most Italian dishes: a tomato based sauce, pasta, and some sort of protein. I’ve dabbled with many tomato based sauces such as marinara, but when I think of comfort food one sauce really comes to mind: Alfredo! Alfredo is a dairy-based sauce that incorporates melted Parmesan cheese and several spices. It is a hearty sauce and probably not the best for those watching calories haha!

There are essentially three components to bringing together Chicken Alfredo successfully: the chicken, the pasta, and of course the sauce. Cooking the protein correctly is always important to a successful dish, but I believe the sauce is what really brings out the flavor in this case. Since this does require three different components, it can be a bit tricky to time all of them correctly but have no fear! I will provide some guidelines for you to make sure all of these ingredients come together to create a wonderful dish. Continue reading “Comfort food Spotlight: Chicken Alfredo”

Essential Spices for your Kitchen


Hello again everyone! Thanks for checking out the posts here on TrueGrub. Today’s topic has to deal with one the most important aspects of working in the kitchen: flavoring your food! Flavoring your food has many components to it such as the utensils you use, the pan, the ingredients, and something that people often under-utilize or don’t use at all: spices!

Spices are an amazing addition to any meal that can arguably make or break the dish. People sometimes avoid spices for fear that they will overpower a dish, or their palates simply cannot handle the intense flavor that they can bring.

Some families will choose to forgo spices in regular cooking due to digestive issues that may result from a dish that is too “spicy”, and that is totally acceptable. If you avoid spices for that reason then it is understandable, but if you’re avoiding them simply  out of habit then I urge you to reconsider, and begin exploring with the wonderful flavor additions that spices can bring to the table.

I’m not going to outline every spice here in this post, because there are many out there that I don’t use but I would like to point out a few of my favorite staples that I recommend every amateur cook should have in their kitchen. Continue reading “Essential Spices for your Kitchen”

The Case for Cast-Iron


Hello again! Thanks for taking the time to come back and visit TrueGrub. It does really mean a lot to me. Before I can get started with a cooking demonstration or recipe, I need to make sure my readers are familiar with probably the best tool in the cooking game: Cast-Iron!

I became familiar with cast-iron while I worked as a dishwasher during high school. I worked in a massive kitchen that used cast-iron for cooking nearly everything. They do require some maintenance, so novice cooks tend to shy away from them. I say shy no more! I will provide an easy maintenance routine towards the end of the post.

The picture above is actually showcasing two of my beloved cast-iron skillets. I really only stand behind one brand because these skillets have served me so well, and that brand is Lodge. The skillet pictured on the left is their 12 inch model, and the one on the right is the 10.25 inch. I purchased mine from Amazon, and I recommend them for fast shipping but if you can find a pan in store go ahead and snag it.

Lodge is an interesting company that is tried and true but they have that feeling of the store up the road.  Continue reading “The Case for Cast-Iron”