Comfort food Spotlight: Stuffed Chicken


Hello all and welcome back! I once again apologize for the drought in content as I’ve been trying to finish up this very tough semester. Fret not though, I promise to have several posts this week to make up for it. One of them will even be a review for a local food truck that has amazing food!

This recipe is for my signature stuffed chicken and is the first one that I developed completely on my own. I made it for my family and friends a few times and received great reviews all around, so I thought I’d share it with you all! Continue reading “Comfort food Spotlight: Stuffed Chicken”

A Burger bonanza feat. The “Big Zach”


Hello fellow foodies and welcome back! I took a short hiatus from updating TrueGrub due to my semester workload getting a bit heavier than usual, but fret not, I’m back with a great new recipe for you!

This recipe is a twist on a burger classic that I’m sure at least most of you are familiar with. Being able to cook a burger is a good staple for any home cook to have in their arsenal, and was the first meal that I learned how to cook on my own.

There are a few unique techniques I can offer in ways to make your burger taste the best it can, but the real flavor lies in how you season the meat, the quality of meat, and the type of surface you’re cooking on. Continue reading “A Burger bonanza feat. The “Big Zach””

Come on in, stay a while!

Hello and welcome!

This is my quaint little blog dedicated to belly-filling, home-cooked comfort food. I am by no means an expert chef, so if that’s what you’re looking for then I’m sorry to disappoint. I am a self-trained cook and that affords me a unique opportunity. All of my recipes and videos will be provided without any air of superiority. I can provide an affordable meal every week that won’t require complex cooking methods.

I am a college senior so I certainly have to watch my money, and that is why I’ve decided to design these recipes to be affordable with nearly any budget. Just because they’re affordable and easy to make doesn’t mean they’re not delicious though!

I am a big fan of cheese, bacon, ranch, and avocados so it is very likely the recipes will feature one or more of those ingredients. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy with both your eyes and your belly!

On the surface, TrueGrub seems to merely be dedicated to affordable, delicious home-cooked meals. That is the major objective of the blog, but I have some underlying goals that should be mentioned. Continue reading “Come on in, stay a while!”