About TrueGrub


Welcome to TrueGrub with Zach Trueblood! The goal of this site is simple: to promote exceptional comfort food, cooked by an amateur college cook on a budget that nearly anyone can afford.

I am a college senior living and attending school in the Midwest. I am actually an English major, and have the hopes to become a novelist someday. In the meantime, I enjoy studying technical writing and exploring the many different facets there are to the English language.

I stumbled upon cooking a few years ago when I moved out of my parents’ house. I got really tired of the same old ramen package every night, or eating out so much. Getting take-out can be a nice timesaver, but the cost and health issues attached to it were more than enough to convince me to cut way back.

I started exploring the web for cool recipes, and began watching a number of TV cooking shows. Through Youtube tutorials and the Food Network, I was able to learn the basic skills of cooking a good meal. I know how to cook a little bit of international cuisine, but for the purposes of this blog I will be sticking to what I know best: wholesome, American dishes. You will undoubtedly see my passion for writing creep up throughout the blog, so sorry for the long-winded posts. I hope you enjoy!