Local Food Review: The Rolling Harvest Food Truck

rolling harvest

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! I’ve got something a little different this time around: a review! I love sharing my own recipes and tips with you all, but I had a delightful experience at a local food truck that I just had to share.

I attend school at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois and I hate to say that there is not a whole lot of unique restaurant variation in the area. So I bet you can imagine my delight when I learned about a local food truck that promoted locally sourced products in a “farm to truck” atmosphere.

The Rolling Harvest truck can be followed on Facebook, but I was lucky enough to stumble across it in the middle of campus. They frequent the NIU campus quite often, and are always doing their best to provide a nutritious meal for the students. Let’s face it, college students rarely eat nutritiously haha, so this is a welcome sight for the school. During the semester they’re actually positioned on campus between the student center and library from 9am-2p.

The truck started serving the NIU campus and local area in August of 2015. Jim Casey is the owner and operator of the business, and sticks by the mission of providing a convenient and healthy lunch option for students.

The menu changes from time to time, but there are always options for vegetarian and vegan customers. They serve breakfast from 9am-11am with menu items like the breakfast burrito, fried egg sandwich, and a walking breakfast in a cup or bowl with customizeable options for the customer.

My first breakfast visit I tried the fried egg sandwich and was not disappointed. A fried egg sandwich seems pretty plain, but the attention to detail that Rolling Harvest applies to their food made it that much more exceptional. You get a farm fresh egg with cheese, potatoes, and spinach on a brioche bun. I absolutely brioche and that just made the sandwich that much better for me. Definitely worth a stop on your morning stroll to class.

They do have menu options that you can get all day that mainly include their sides like sweet potato fries and cheese curds. Grilled cheeses are offered throughout the day as well since they’re fairly easy to whip up.

Since I was pleased with my breakfast visit, I went back to the truck later in the week and was quite unsure what to get. They have veggie and falafel wraps that you can add chicken to. Their signature lunch dish would have to be their sliders. The staple meats that Rolling Harvest has for their sliders are beef, bison, chicken, black bean, or falafel. They have some interesting limited options from time to time, and I even heard they’ve had ostrich before!

I chose to go with one of my favorites: the buffalo chicken wrap. The wrap itself was huge and certainly enough to feed one person. You get the option of ranch or bleu cheese to go inside the wrap, and I chose ranch. The ranch combined with the buffalo sauce added a spicy/cool component. There is also an option of romaine or lettuce to accompany tomato to go inside the wrap. All the contents were locally sourced, and the quality of the ingredients could certainly be tasted. I decided to add a side of cheese curds just to splurge a little, and they were very good as well.

Overall, I highly recommend stopping by The Rolling Harvest Food Truck if you’re in the DeKalb area. The local ingredients and quality put into the preparation will certainly leave you satisfied. Thanks for stopping by!



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